Classes Offered

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Pre Rollers (walkers - 36 mo)

Led by our knowledgeable staff, parents accompany the young gymnast through our 45 minute class as they develop fine & gross motor skils, gymnastics skills as well as rhythm & movement. Our young gymnasts especially love bubble play, music sticks, and parachute time!

Gym Rollers (3-4 years)

Our Pre-Rollers advance into our teacher led program while parents now cheer their gymnast on from the sidelines. Classes are 45 minutes in length and are designed to develop gymnastics using progressions on all of the apparatus while promoting safety and FUN!


Gym Jumpers (4-6 years) and Gym Kids Academy (5-12)

Our school age classes are one hour in length and cater to boys and girls ages 4-12. Our non competitive program teaches technically correct gymnastics in a challenging yet fun environment. Using all scaled down Olympic event equipment: vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline; our talented and experienced instructors will develop your child's strength, flexibility, agility and confidence as a gymnast. USAG levels 1 & 2 skills are taught and gymnasts are evaluated and earn ribbons each session for skills mastered.

Mini Hot Shots (4-6 years) and Hot Shots (6-12 years)

Our Hot Shots program is for gymnasts that have been in our development program and are ready for an additional challenge. Our 1 to 1.5 hour classes are taught by our skilled staff using a faster paced curriculum. Skills introduced are from USA Gymnastics levels 3 and 4 and are taught using progressions with an empasis on teamwork, focus, and strenghth & flexibility of the gymnast. Gymnasts are evaluated each session for skill achievement with the opportunity of earning skill ribbons.