GYMNASICS begins at Carmel Valley & Ocean Air!

We are thrilled you will be joining us for our Winter Gymnastics program at Ocean Air and Carmel Valley Rec Centers! Our gymnastics program is designed to provide quality gymnastics instruction with a safe and positive approach ~ making learning FUN for all of our students!  Please help us reach our goals and create a maximum learning environment for your child by...

  • COMPLETE OUR ONLINE WAIVER! When you registered for class you completed waivers through the City of San Diego, but we are also required to have a waiver on file for each participant in our program. You can complete this on our website under the link 'waiver for participation'

  • ARRIVING ON TIME Our classes are packed with fun and learning from start to finish, so be sure not to miss out! If you arrive early, you are more that welcome observe the previous class. Please do so quietly from the bleacher area so as not to distract the class underway. The instructors will call your child’s class over when it is time to begin.

  • PROMOTING SAFETY For the safety of the children, it’s important that students are only on the equipment when under the supervision of a Gym-Kids instructor during class time. Also, CELL PHONES are prohibited from being on the floor during our parent/child classes.

  • SIBLING ACTIVITIES If you have other children who like to stay active, you are welcome to take them outside to play until the end of class. Quiet activities inside are welcome too. Siblings that are not enrolled in a class may NOT use the gymnastics equipment, even if it is not being used by the class underway. It is a distraction and our liability insurance does not allow for children on our gymnastics equipment without an instructor.

  • PREPARING YOUR CHILD FOR CLASS Active wear that is non restrictive is best to wear to gymnastics for both safety and comfort. Bare foot is best! Please avoid belts, dresses and footed tights. If your child has long hair, please have it pulled back. If you need a hair tie, just ask!

Thank you for your help, we are looking forward to lots of fun as we learn GYMNASTICS!